I've found a nice way to earn some money online, through a free poker client.

NoPayPoker is a free poker-online client , online since 2006, that not required any deposit, where you earn real money.
The prizes of every poker tournament are paid by advertisers.

The referral earning is 20%, and it is paid when your referral cashout.

The min cashout is 40$ for standard members, and 25$ for premium ( premium upgrade cost 2.95$ the first month )
through Paypal , MoneyBookers and Neteller.

You earn money clicking ADS too! (26 ADS per day = worth 0.13$ , better than any PTC)
In this way your balance increase day by day even if you don't win at the tables!


In NPP the money in the game is called FreeD; 1 freeD = 0.005$

There are a lot of type of game:

1- Freerolls = There is a new freroll every 30 mins, and prizes are between 100 freeD and 1000 freed. Frerolls have free entry.
2- Sit 'n Go = The entry fee is from 1 freeD till 500 freeD, and there are HeadsUp (2 players), ShortHanded (6 players) and Regular Tables (10 players).

At the moment there are 4 Leagues every week.
Prizes are between 1000 freeD and 2500 freeD each , and the total is around 7000 freeD weekly.
In particular, the current available leagues are:

2500 freeD Wednesday
2500 freeD DrCheckRaise Forum Monday
1000 freeD Friday
1000 freeD Monday

Leagues required a free subcription every week, and has an efficient mechanism of rewarding.
Infact, to qualify to win the prize, you must play at least 5 games during the week of the league.

When you win a table, your score is 100pt; 90pt to the 2nd, 80 to the 3rd, and so on, till 10pt to the 10th on the table.
After your 5 games, your final score is the range of your total points ( Total points \ nr. of games played ).

Usually, first 20-30 players in the leaderboard win prizes.

Specials Tournaments has a quite high prizepool, so it is worthy to try to win it for free.

Specials Tournaments are:

5000 FreeD Weekly =
Running every Monday, this tournament require a ticket. To earn the ticket, you must win a qualification table.
Qualification tables are open 24h every day, and the entry is free.

20000 FreeD Monthly =
Running once a month, this tournament require a ticket.
To earn a ticket for the Qualifier, you must arrive in the first 3 positions in the Pre-Qualifier Table.
To earn the ticket for the Final, you must arrive in the first 3 positions in the Qualifier Table.
Pre-Qualification tables and Qualification tables are open 24h every day, and the entry is free.

Champions Tournaments =
Running once a month, this tournament require a ticket.
To earn the ticket you must win the Qualifier. The Qualifier entry fee is 5 FreeD.
You have 1 free ticket every month, so you can try to get the ticket for the final for free, for the first time.
The prizepool of this tournament is 100 freeD for each players registered.
Usually there are at least 120 players qualified every month, so the prizepool is around 12000 freeD.

Friends of Facebook =
Running once a week, this tournament require a ticket. You get your ticket for free if you are a fan of NPP on Facebook.
You just need to click on "Register" every Wednesday night, when the tournament starts.

Cash Games
Cash Games are risky because you play on the tables directly with your bankroll.
There are many game-level such as 1 freeD , 10 freeD , 50 freeD , 100 freeD , 1000 freeD , 4000 freeD ...
Choose your level of blinds and play with your freeD.. 
I don't like this kind of games because you use your site's balance to play, instead of other games where you don't risk any money.

You can click the ads in the lobby chat or in the table. Each ads worth 1 freeD and you can click a maximum of 26 ads in 24 hours.
Open 1 ads at time, and wait 120 seconds to open a new one.
Don't use only NPP ads to earn money, because it takes too long the reach the min.payout.
You should think that by clicking ADS you have a basis of 26 freeD daily ( around 800 freeD monthly ) and this is a basis to have a consistent balance.
You should consider that the faster way to reach the payout is simply.. play poker!!
You can easily cashout once a month without upgrade, playing poker toughtfully, with care of your hands and choosing the right time to call ALLLLL IN!!
It's funny, and free!

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